Bad language, backbiting, swearing, taunting and bad comments.

We see 99% good deeds and 1% bad deed. We overlook the 99% and talk about the 1%. And Islam teaches us, if you see 1% good deed then overlook the 99%, and talk about the 1%.

Today, practising muslims has made so many so called non practising because of the pride of their own good deeds is bad charachter.

There is one pride which is over money, but there is another one over the good deeds. There is pride of wealth and pride of knowledge. Listen, the pride of wealth is a small pride, but the pride of good deeds is more dangerous.

Our faith tells us not to hate even the woman on the street. And there is people finding faults in the believers. Sometimes look at your inner self. He who tries to find fault in others, he doesnt get the time for repentence.

Our Prophet said that this tongue is the decider of our faith. Protect it. So your deen is pure. So the path to paradise is made easy for you.

Houses are destroyed, family splits, brother and brother become enemies, husband and wife argue. All because of this tongue. An injury by a sword heals. but the injury of words never heals. 

Maulana Tariq Jameel