It is still about my oldest son. Allah has not been  stopping yet in answering my pray. There is another surprise which is never be in my expectation before!!

This thing is what my son really want from years ago and soon will what my son really need in the future. Allah has already given as a gift to him by HIS WAY, the unpredictable way. Alhamdulillah…. Thank you Allah… This is beyond my expectation about “a gift that will make my son happy”.

But it will always be a test in a happiness or misery. How we express our thankfulness will determine the result of a test from the happiness. Proove that we can show syukoor, and HE will increase the happiness, but vise versus, HE will take it back. For sure…

The syukoor, is not only expressed by mouth, but by more ibadah, maintenance the good deed, and being the more beautiful muslim…
Hard? Maybe. Easy? Could be…..