It comes to my mind somehow that what we ask are all already there. What we will ask are all already there too. HE has provided them for us. It could be wealth, health, someone, children, etc you name it. HE makes them out for us.. HE sets them up for us. HE knows what we ask and what we will ask.

HE provides what we want, what we need, what we ask and don’t ask and even a door prize or gifts. HE has decided when we will get it. They are all already there… Waiting for us to take them according to HIs time.

The question is: how we gonna get them ? This is the exam for us. Are we gonna pray hard? Do good deeds? Obey HIM? Patient? Thankfull? Work hard? Or do nothin and complain? Or Disobey HIM?

HE still gonna gives anyway…
HE is The Merciful!!! It depends on you then…

Who are you to have them all? What are you? Are you worthed enough to have them or not?