The Judeo  christian zinonist alliance which is otherwise knows as the west, is indeed fortunate to have in Turkey as a member of its NATO millitary allience that is willing to be used as and agent provocateur in NATO’s current efforts to provoke war with Russia.

Before modern secular Turkey made its appearance in the world the ottoman so-called Islamic Empire played exactly the same anti-Russian role on behalf of the west.

The shooting down of a Russian jet fighter by the Turkeys Air Force at the location within Syrian territory closed to the Turkeys border was, perhaps, planned long in advance. If so, it almost certainly did not take place without the knowledge and consent of the NATO high-command.

The other more frightful possibility is that Turkey acted on her own, and attacked Russian aircraft in order to aggravate the already tense situation, and to thus quench her lust for a war that will allow her to relieve her glorious anti-ortodox-christian ottoman past.

more over…please watch the video below