Tadi malam saya disuruh baca ini. Dan saya ngeh banget banget ngeh.. Bahwa ini tak hanya berlaku pada happiness tapi juga misery; pada kebahagiaan tapi juga penderitaan.

Dalam kemudahan kita harus bersungguh sungguh mensyukuri nikmat dan dalam kesukaran kita harus bersungguh sungguh bersabar.

Mensyukuri nikmat tak hanya dalam bentuk bersyukur dalam kata kata tapi juga perbuatan. People of alhamdulillah itu adalah people yang rasa syukurnya berbarengan dengan penghargaan yang paling tinggi pada Sang Pemberi Nikmat. Begitu tingginya hingga kita sadar bahwa kita hanya slave yang hanya dengan kemurahan hatiNyalah maka kita bisa mudah dalam segala hal. Jika sudah begini bahkan sebutir nasi dipiringpun akan terlihat sebagai anugrahNya yang tak pantas terbuang. It is only that little but, without HIS mercy we wont be able to have it and eat it. Itu hanya sebutir nasi dari kacamata alhamdulillah, how about yang lain lain? Bigger than that??? How about health? Children? Bed? Candy? Happiness in the heart? Sajdah without bombing? Pray without fear of war? How about that?

Maka bersungguh-sungguhlah kita dalam syukr, baik dalam bentuk alhamdulillah maupun dalam bentuk do the do and do the dont, easy to see now right? Easy to see how ignorance we were when we had everything. We were not people of alhamdulillah. We were lost and ….HE guides us with HIS way. Alhandulillah ..and for me, masyaa Allah, this is more than all dunya has!

Bersungguh-sungguhlah dalam suatu urusan, bisa juga dalam urusan kesabaran. Jangan jadi rebel! Saya belajar banyak soal rebel ini! Dan nothin good happened!!! It got worse!! What made us a rebel was usually, i knew what was good but I did what was wrong! Just to show HIM that I was upset! And … I got lost!! So.. Lesson learn alhamdulillah.

Anyhow, God will not change everything IF we dont do the maximal efforts (ikhtiar) to learn His lesson and implement it in our daily life continiously. We know we were doing wrong, and we the one who knew it and Allah. So.. Fix it in the name of The Marciful, make taubah and exceed the istigfar.. Promise HIM that we wont do it again… Promise from the bottom of our heart. We will see in shaa Allah; HE will open the door for us. That is His promise to the people who make taubah.

Now I am in a condition that I never dream about , but I love being here as long as I am nearer to HIM. I enjoy the intimate sajda time and I value everything I have. My window is clearer… My view is beautiful than before. My asking is different now, because my ego has been shut up! I follow His guidence…at least… I am trying to follow…

Maybe not now to get what I want, but as long as I have what I need, and most of all it is Allah, I dream no more……