Test is not always easy. If gou got the easy one, it was just for making us breathing for awhile…awhile yes. Then after that the difficult one will appear before you.

Your mind will again: think. By using aql..qolb..you must do sujood also…or if not, you’re gonna loose the way out, get lost, desparate, stressful and have no hope. Alone and sad (satans love the sad human, that was why Rasulullah pbuh forbid us to be sad. I had prooven that this was so so so so so true )… and you know what? Allah is gonna laugh at you.. why is that? Because HIS mercy is so near yet so  huge..only you can not see!!! You close your eyes, you the one who resist to not see it. Isnt us human sooo stupid by doing such an act?

There is always a key for a locked door…or even, it doesnt need a key for it is only a closed door .. all you need to do is just to ask HIM his guidence, then HE will show that you only have to push the door gently then it will open… as easy as that. But since you had  not known… you did not know! Only HE The All Knowing.

Really we are all blind, we can not see what we should see without HIS guidences.

But.. only if we desparately relly on HIM and HIS guidence, we got what we need to see, to do, to thik and to solve. Nothin to worry if we have HIM.

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